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Sep 16th 2012
1 min read

Learn JavaScript

Hello there! Hopefully you are here because you want to learn JavaScript. Odds are you have come here from another language and want to punch all of us hipsters in the neck for naming our projects after things that do not even sound vaguely related to what they actually do, you know... Backbone.js, Express, Mustache, etc. I imagine diving into JavaScript with its plethera of transpilers, absurd amount of frameworks, libraries, awkward language decisions, and multiple environments is a daunting task.

My aim in this series of posts is to give you an idea of the different types of problems we face as JavaScript developers, why we have so many libraries and frameworks, and also give you a brief overview of some of the options that exists. It is my hope that when this is all over you can walk away with an understanding of some of the projects you may have already heard of, projects such as CoffeeScript.

Alright that as far as introductions go, thats all I got. Now, head over to the first post The DOM Problem